Water Fitness

Water Fitness

Swimming gets the heart pumping. It’s great exercise and it’s a valuable life skill, but it also offers possibilities for fun and friendship! Between our swimming programs, water aerobics, and other fitness classes, members of all ages can experience the benefits of water fitness.

Aqua Dance high intensity water fitness

Aqua Bootcamp (High-Intensity)

This will challenge your perception of Aqua training, with the focus on strength and endurance conditioning. This class accommodates all levels of fitness and challenges everyone individually. Let Aqua Bootcamp be the motivation you need to become a better you!

(Ages 14 & Up)

Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Session: January 4- February 20th, 2018

Time: 6:30-7:25 pm

Facility Member Fee: $30 Program Member: $45



Pre-Natal Aquatic Class

Healthy Mom, healthy baby. Exercise the healthiest way possible. We provide a supportive environment where mothers-to be can regain or enhance fitness levels and develop a sense of community. Pre-natal Aquatics classes are for non-swimmers and swimmers alike, as well as any stage of pregnancy. This class consists of safe exercises in the water to help relieve lower back pain and edema, as well as help develop and maintain muscle tone.

Days: Tuesday & Thursdays 9:30 am – 10:25 am

Dates: January 2-30, February 1-27, March 1-29

Registration Fee: $40



Functional H20 Water Aerobics (High and Medium Intensity)

Get fit in the water with this fun group fitness! Choose between high- or low-intensity classes. The high-intensity class will really work you out. It’s highly effective for a toning, aerobic workout. The medium-intensity class is similar to the high-intensity class, but it’s at an easier pace to follow, not as intense, and recommended for injury prevention and recovery.

Cost included in membership

Active older adults water aerobics

Active Older Adults and Arthritis Water Aerobics (Low-Intensity)

Have fun with other active, older adults and get fit with low-impact exercises in shallow water to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility and range of motion.

Increase your flexibility and have fun in our arthritis aquatics class! This low-impact exercise in shallow water is perfect for those with arthritis, joint, or muscle concerns. The stairs and lift are available, if needed.

Cost included in membership