NOTICE: Pool area, including sauna and steam room, will be closed July 21 for pool maintenance.

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Indoor & Open All Year...

Our aquatics programming allows all community members the opportunity to experience the physical and mental benefits of water exercise. Whether you’re looking to recreate, begin your fitness journey, rehabilitate an injury or learn how to swim, we have the resources and programming to meet your needs.





Rec Swim

Rec swim includes 90 minutes of swimming with access to the lazy river, child play structure, tube slides and rec area in the lap pool. Each session is for people of all ages to enjoy.


Monday-Friday: 10:30am-12pm, 3pm-4:30pm, 4:45pm-6:15pm, & 6:30pm-8pm

10am-11:30am, 12:30pm-2pm, 2:15pm-3:45pm, & 4pm-5:30pm

Sunday: 12:30pm-2pm, 2:15pm-3:45pm, & 4pm-5:30pm

Come swim ready as the locker rooms do get busy. Toddlers must wear swimmer diapers with reusable swim diaper cover over it.

Non-members or guests of the Yakima Family YMCA can purchase rec swim or toddler swim passes 24 hours in advance. Passes are limited so book and pay now!

Non-Member Prices: $12 Adult (19 & older) & $6 Child (18 and younger)

Water Fitness Classes


A fun, vibrant class with great music. Class is held in the lap pool.

A class utilizing water weights and the river current. Class is held in the lazy river.


A low-impact, high-energy class set to a fitness routine. This class is designed to get your heart rate up! Class is held in the lap pool.

Non-Member Prices: $12 Adult (19 & older) & $6 Child (18 and younger)

Swim Lessons


The Y is your partner in water safety. As America’s most trusted swim instructor, with more than 110 years’ experience teaching millions of kids to swim, the Y is committed to equipping kids with the skills and confidence they need to stay safe in and around water. Your child will be led through a progressive, age-appropriate curriculum building on the previous skill learned. Children advance when independence and proficiency are achieved.

Ages: Pre-School (3-5) and School-Age (6+) 


Private swim lessons offer the individual instruction you or your child needs to develop the skills and confidence needed to stay safe in and around water. These swim lessons are offered to YAKIMA FAMILY YMCA members only. Semi-private lessons are offered for two children from the same family who are within the same skill level.

Ages: 3 years old and up

For more information, please visit front desk.

For most recent Group & Private program schedules, pricing and registration information, please click here

YMCA Swim Team

Want to swim competitively in a fun and positive environment? Join the team! Serving youth ages 6 and up, the YAKIMA FAMILY YMCA Swim Team (YYST) is a USA Swimming affiliate. We teach starts, turns, and the fundamentals of all four competitive swim strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. You’ll train in the Downtown 25-yard, 4-lane pool with built-in starting blocks. Practices are a combination of sprint workouts, endurance workouts, and stroke technique refinement. USA-certified swim coaches will provide you with the individualized attention needed to improve and build confidence. Improve your skills and enjoy the competition and camaraderie!

Costs depend on skill group and range between $70-95 per month.

  • Proper swim attire is made up of nylon, polyester or lycra materials and designed specifically for the activity of swimming. This includes swimsuits, rash guards, and swim trunks.
  • What is not allowed in our swimming facility, including the hot tub, sauna and steam room?
    • “Street clothes,” such as jean shorts, spandex or yoga type shorts and pants, running and workout shorts, basketball shorts, leotards and dri-fit wear or any other sportswear you would workout in.
    • Brazil/French-cut, thong style and/or revealing swimwear is not allowed in our facility to maintain our positive, family-centered atmosphere.
    • Sport bras not made specifically for swimming.
    • Cotton garments such as shirts, shorts and sport bras. Why are these garments not allowed?
    • Street clothes, particularly cotton, can transport contaminants into our pool which clog the filter system of the entire aquatic facility.
    • Fibers from apparel that is not made of nylon, polyester or lycra can and will clog the filters.
    • Fibers which have been dyed and not made specifically for swimming, can and do bleed, affecting the water chemistry leading to pool closures.
    • Fibers, not specifically made for swimming, absorb pool chemicals affecting our ability to maintain proper chlorine and pH levels. Improper chemical levels lead to pool closures.